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Studio Production at 48 Volt Studio's includes Australian band Regurgitator with the first track engineered and produced by David Henderson of 48 Volt. The track maintained a Top Ten chart position in the Independent Australian Charts for over 72 weeks. Additional artists include: The Healing Art, The Gadflies, The Porkers, the Screaming Jets and Def FX.

Sourced 48Volt Studio quote: Dave Henderson is considered a 'legend' in live audio production with an international reputation'. He is an expert in live sound design and production. Major events included: logistical management and design of live recordings by Elton John and Kylie Minogue.

David Henderson works alongside Rob Taylor at the 48 Volt Studios via prickupyourears on the Central Coast Australia.

Get more information about 48VoltStudios at the 48 Volt Studio website:  http://www.prickupyourears.com/2008/dave.html